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Welcome to 48 Horas! We’re glad you’re here.

Today is a cold, sunny day in northern Andalucia, southern Spain, and I’m sitting at my desk during the quiet of afternoon siesta. Until a few minutes ago, the grey-brick plaza by my apartment building was filled with the sounds of children walking home from the elementary school down the street; now the carved façade of the abandoned 19th century palace next door reflects only silence. Once the shops open again, I’ll go out to buy some groceries at the fruteria across the square. Later on tonight, after I give a class to local high school teachers, I’ll stop in a local tapas bar for a sweet-tart tinto con limon (red wine with lemonade) and a couple of tapas (free snacks)– a morsel of ham or meatballs in sauce. This is a part of southern Spain that tourists rarely visit, and immersing myself in the hometown crowd that fills tapas bars around 8:30 or 9 here is one of my favorite evening activities.

Sharing those favorite Spanish sensory adventures– from the heady scent of coffee in an Andalusian cafe to the salt in the air at Barceloneta harbor; the nasal tone of the gaita at a traditional Galician foliada (music party) or bloody-pumping rhythm of a rock concert in a hidden Bilbao club– is what we’re here for.

Who we are: Our staff is a motley crew of locals and foreigners from all over Spain. We are living or have lived in Spain for spans that range from six months to 25 years, and we are excited to share with our readers exactly what we love about our neighborhoods and beloved vacation spots. Our diversity is one of our strengths: our Spanish, Basque, Catalan, and expat identities allow us unique (and often differing!) perspectives on the places we live or those we visit, and we are excited to pass the benefits of our assorted Spain passions onto you.

What we write: The name 48 horas comes from the Spanish for “48 hours.” Our site is designed to help you discover the best of what a Spanish city, town, or village has to offer in the course of a weekend—or to combine multiple weekend itineraries to create a visit whose length suits your wants and plans.

48 Hour Features: Posted most Mondays, these are our signature articles, highlighting one aspect of a Spanish city or town. These pieces, which are written by authors with in-depth local knowledge, lead readers step-by-step through 48 hours of arts in Barcelona, nature in San Sebastian, music in Sevilla, or partying in Valladolid. Giving each piece a theme as well as location allows us to focus more narrowly on what one place has to offer; we plan to circle back around and offer new takes on old places—this time the best in San Sebastian food, for example, or history in Sevilla.

Building Block Highlights: Posted most Thursdays, our Building Block Highlights offer short-and-sweet peeks into the best of the best-kept secrets in our beloved Spain. Here you might find a favorite bar in Huelva, a secret beach in Asturias; a little-know arts festival or a fun day-trip idea. With these pieces we allow our writers to share those favorite travel morsels that might not fit into a larger theme or brief trip, or that might not be available to travelers throughout the year—but that are still very much worth a visit. These ideas may also serve (as their name suggests) as building blocks to help readers create their own adventures within or in addition to a 48-hour visit to a Spanish locale.

Eye Witness Adventures: Spain is always offering up interesting new discoveries if you know where to look; in these pieces, we offer glimpses into the adventures, large and small, that enrich our lives here– specific examples of the experiences that await our readers during their Spanish travels. From the charming old man we talked to this morning at the grocery store to the evening we spent in the back room of a flamenco club watching the musicians practice, you’ll hear about it all here, once every week or two.

Photo Spotlights: Posted over most weekends, our photo spotlights do just that— they show off our favorite shots from throughout the country, whetting travelers’ appetite for what the next week will bring! (Q & A about photo details is welcomed in the comments, in case any readers want to track down and/or recreate a popular image.)

We’ll be tweaking our format and starting to post content in the coming days, but in the meantime we welcome reader input! E-mail us at 48horasmag@gmail.com and follow us on Twitter, @48HorasMag. Bienvenidos; Welcome! Thanks for coming.

Founding Editor, 48 Horas

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