Our Staff

Alissa Greenberg — Founding Editor

Alissa is a travel addict currently living on her third continent. After graduating from college in 2008, she spent a year making her way around the world. Pausing for a year and a half in her native Boston, she then jetted off again, this time to Spain, where she has lived both north (Castilla y Leon) and south (Andalucia.) Her written work has appeared in the “Sampan” immigrant newspaper and the online travel websites DGuides, GoMadrid, and the Spain Scoop. Her radio spots have been produced nationally on the American radio show “Here & Now.” She blogs about her travel foibles, adventures, and reflections at  www.alissaswideworld.blogspot.com.


Contributing Writers

Ander España
Ander is a young Basque writer who has lived in different cities within Spain and the United States. He has had many traveling experiences around the globe and, of course, Spain, some as a member of the social network couchsurfing. He currently works as a teacher in a public school in Madrid and occasionally offers his services as a tourist guide in his beloved home with Gidatour Elkartea– work that has taught him a great deal about the history, architecture and gastronomy of the Basque Country.

Toni Galbany
Originally from Barcelona, Toni  has lived in Turkey and Germany and currently resides in Brazil. (And as such he speaks seven languages!) Although he loves living as an expat, he can’t stop missing Spanish ham, narrow stone-gothic streets, and Spanish old-busy-nosy ladies. He hopes that readers who want to  experience, discover and feel Spain will enjoy reading his posts on 48 horas.

Paloma Fernández Durán
Paloma was born and raised in Málaga, a city on the southern coast of Spain. She studies in Malaga as well, learning English, French, German and her own mother language (Spanish) in the hope of becoming a translator one day. Her love of traveling has allowed her to visit many beautiful places inside and outside of Spain, and Spain will always retain a special charm for her that makes it completely different from other countries in the world. Apart from the incomparable good weather and friendly people, the diversity of Spain makes her realize all of things she still has to learn about her country. She hopes to have the opportunity to discover all the wonders she is still missing, maybe to the beat of some good music!

Jeannette Kranick
Jeannette is an American who hasn’t legally resided in her home country since she graduated from college almost two years ago. She is a former English-Spanish major who loves traveling far too much to consider a “grown up job,” at least not yet. Jeannette has spent the last year and a half living in Northern Spain, specifically the city of Santiago de Compostela. She teaches an array of hyper children and tries to stop them from setting things on fire while yelling in Galician (English only in the classroom, please). On her weekends and numerous Spanish holidays, she loves to bounce around Europe, visiting as many different countries as possible.

Beatriz Torres
Beatriz was born in Palencia, a small town in the North of Spain. From an early age, she showed a passion for languages, and particularly their sounds. Beatriz lived in the United Kingdom for a year, trying to mimic every accent she heard in the country. Currently, she works as an English teacher in Spain, where she tries to pass on her enthusiasm to other students (the same way she hopes to pass on her knowledge of Castilla y Leon to her readers here.)

Hannah Hawkinberry
A teacher, a cook, a traveler and a lover of life, Hannah recently graduated from Otterbein University in Ohio with a degree in Spanish Education. Her travel experiences abroad began in 2010 during a semester abroad in Córdoba, Argentina, and nowadays, she calls Linares, Andalucia her home. Hannah currently works as an English teacher and self-appointed culture discoverer. Her perspective on life is perpetually (and perhaps excessively) half-full, and her writing centers on her most recent adventures in Spain and Europe, with a focus on experiencing life in new places in the most authentic way possible. Hannah also shares her travel experiences from South America and Europe in her blog “Living in Translation,” at hawkinberry.blogspot.com.