Photo of the week: Orange trees bring spring to Andalucia

An orange tree against blue sky (Linares, Jaen)


After a long, cold, dreary winter, spring finally arrives in northern Andalucia.


Photo by Hannah Hawkinberry, taken in Linares, Jaen

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The ‘madruga’ experience: an Andaluz midnight Easter procession

By Alissa Greenberg

This crying Maria presides over the 4 am ‘madruga’ processions in Linares


The first time I heard about the madruga processions in Semana Santa when a friend mentioned casually that if I thought Easter was intense here (and by “here”... Read More

48 Hours in Linares (Jaén) for the Frugal Foodie

By Hannah Hawkinberry

A caña and slice of Spanish omelette (tortilla) are delicious together.

Whether you’re planning your first trip around Andalucía or you’re a seasoned Spain explorer, chances are you haven’t heard of, let alone visited, Linares. The place certainly... Read More