The mystery and power of Malagueño Easter processions

By Paloma Fernández Durán

La Esperanza trono, carried on the shoulders of the admiring throng.

If you’re interested in seeing Semana Santa at its most intense, seek no further than Málaga: many Malagueños count the days until Semana Santa throughout... Read More

Santiago’s Festival de Músicas Contemplativas in Pictures

By Jeannette Kranick

During Semana Santa the narrow cobblestoned streets of Santiago de Compostela echo with the noise from dozens of Easter processions and ringing church bells.

The Esperanza Procession in Santiago old town.


But Santiago offers more than... Read More

Limonada and Light: Cures for a Rainy Semana Santa in Leon

By Rhiannon Ashcroft

The majesty of a sunny Leon procession.

Semana Santa, like most Spanish fiestas, is predominately celebrated outdoors: excitable crowds gather in plazas and squeeze down narrow streets, straining to get the best view of the elaborate... Read More

Semana Santa in Castilla: Traditional Easter Torrijas

By Beatriz Torres

A typical Castilian kitchen for a typical Castilian Easter dessert

Torrijas are probably the most popular Spanish dessert during Lent and Easter where I come from. Not only are they delicious; in many families, they have also become a tasty excuse to use old bread... Read More

Easter processions in Castilla La Mancha

By Toni Galbany

A traditional Semana Santa processions passes the town hall in Ciudad Real, Castilla La Mancha.


Castilla La Mancha is a land of windmills, forgotten battles, and dusty castles. Here, the heart of Spain beats with the procession of floats and... Read More

Photo of the Week: Palm Sunday in Pollenca, Mallorca

A girl poses with her woven palm, a traditional Mallorqui craft for Palm Sunday, in Pollenca, Mallorca.

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