Limonada and Light: Cures for a Rainy Semana Santa in Leon

By Rhiannon Ashcroft

The majesty of a sunny Leon procession.

Semana Santa, like most Spanish fiestas, is predominately celebrated outdoors: excitable crowds gather in plazas and squeeze down narrow streets, straining to get the best view of the elaborate... Read More

Semana Santa in Castilla: Traditional Easter Torrijas

By Beatriz Torres

A typical Castilian kitchen for a typical Castilian Easter dessert

Torrijas are probably the most popular Spanish dessert during Lent and Easter where I come from. Not only are they delicious; in many families, they have also become a tasty excuse to use old bread... Read More

Pingüinos Motorcycle Festival, Valladolid

By Callie Taylor

“Pinguino” motorcycle festival attendees fill a wintery Plaza Zorilla in Valladolid, Castilla y Leon

Every second weekend of January, rain or shine, the Castilian city of Valladolid comes alive for visiting motorcyclists. The streets are filled with locals,... Read More

Habeis ganado? Que si, hombre

by Alissa Greenberg

Palencia Calle Mayor by night.

A year and a half after arriving in Spain, I still remember a comment one of the American consuls made during the orientation for the language assistant program that brought me here. She was speaking about... Read More

Photo of the Week: A Segovian Fountain

One of many elaborate fountains in the La Granja de San Ildenfonso palace gardens outside Segovia, Castilla y Leon. The fountains lie dormant most of the time and are only turned on for special occasions, usually during the summer.

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