Touring the World’s Largest Olive Oil Factory in Rural Jaén Province

By Trevor Huxham

Every school district has its favorite field trip spots: Bostonians go to Salem or Plymouth to learn about America’s start; southern Americans visit ranches or plantations to learn about other parts of history and local culture. And this January, toward the end of olive harvest season, I went with students at the school where I work to the world’s largest olive oil factory. Called an almazara in Spanish, the factory we visited was run... Read More

Welcome to 48-Horas

Welcome to 48 Horas! We’re glad you’re here.

Today is a cold, sunny day in northern Andalucia, southern Spain, and I’m sitting at my desk during the quiet of afternoon siesta. Until a few minutes ago, the grey-brick plaza by my apartment building was filled with the sounds of children walking home from the elementary school down the street; now the carved façade of the abandoned 19th century palace next door reflects only... Read More