Photo of the week: Orange trees bring spring to Andalucia

An orange tree against blue sky (Linares, Jaen)


After a long, cold, dreary winter, spring finally arrives in northern Andalucia.


Photo by Hannah Hawkinberry, taken in Linares, Jaen

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Touring the World’s Largest Olive Oil Factory in Rural Jaén Province

By Trevor Huxham

Every school district has its favorite field trip spots: Bostonians go to Salem or Plymouth to learn about America’s start; southern Americans visit ranches or plantations to learn about other parts of history and local culture. And this January, toward the end of olive harvest season, I went with students at the school where I work to the world’s largest olive oil factory. Called an almazara in Spanish, the factory we visited was run... Read More

The ‘madruga’ experience: an Andaluz midnight Easter procession

By Alissa Greenberg

This crying Maria presides over the 4 am ‘madruga’ processions in Linares


The first time I heard about the madruga processions in Semana Santa when a friend mentioned casually that if I thought Easter was intense here (and by “here”... Read More

The mystery and power of Malagueño Easter processions

By Paloma Fernández Durán

La Esperanza trono, carried on the shoulders of the admiring throng.

If you’re interested in seeing Semana Santa at its most intense, seek no further than Málaga: many Malagueños count the days until Semana Santa throughout... Read More

“El Hornazo”: An Andaluz Semana Santa Sweet

By Hannah Hawkinberry

A traditional Jaenes hornazo, complete with cooked egg nestled in the center.

As an expat in southern Spain, every holiday in this country is yet another wonderful excuse for me to try new foods, and Semana Santa, or “Holy Week,” celebrated at the beginning of this month,... Read More

Pirulines: The Traditional Cadiz Easter Sweet

By Elizabeth Meravi

Pirulines, the popular Cadiz Easter snack


In Cádiz city, vendor carts abound in the tiny streets during Easter week. Generally, they go where the action is (which makes them useful for procession-spotting), waiting until the last possible... Read More

48 Hours in Linares (Jaén) for the Frugal Foodie

By Hannah Hawkinberry

A caña and slice of Spanish omelette (tortilla) are delicious together.

Whether you’re planning your first trip around Andalucía or you’re a seasoned Spain explorer, chances are you haven’t heard of, let alone visited, Linares. The place certainly... Read More

Photo of the Week: Afternoon snack; Úbeda, Andalucia.

A classic afternoon snack– crackers, jamon (cured ham), a glass of wine, and a cup of beer in a hidden corner of the old town,  Úbeda, Andalucia.

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